Have you ever woken up feeling light and euphoric?  With an inkling that this day will bring a glimpse of your bigger game, of the next version of you.  As the day unfolds – like a series of clips from a film you see yourself as you will be and it is extraordinary.  There is no fear of failure.  You know that this is possible for you because you’ve seen yourself in your future.  You notice that your future self was full of joy, there was laughter, light and high energy.

This was my experience today.  I am totally enrolled.  I so want what she was having, who she was being, the next version of me.  I have been introduced to Version 103 and there is no question that she will deliver.

Have you ever noticed yourself doing something new and big – and recognising that you had witnessed this moment before – it was a vision you had seen for yourself some time ago.  You realise that this is now your new reality – you are actually playing your bigger game – right here, right now.  And you know that simultaneously a new vision is emerging – one which expands you even further, that builds on what you already are.

I have had this experience.  Version 101 met Version 102 on stage delivering a damn fine oratory.  The upgrade has been successful and now V103 is beginning to emerge.

V101 was a bit shitty about being superseded and worked hard to remind me that V102 was just a once off, that I was far safer as V101, that there may be too many bugs in V102, I would be less likely to fail if I didn’t upgrade permanently, if I stayed with the Version I knew.

The power is in self-awareness, observing V101’s antics and calling it for what it is.  Being able to say, “Talk to the hand – this is my life and I will not become locked in my past by outdated software!”

We have software support!  There is no need to default to V101.  We know why we upgraded – our choice has been made from the heart, with reference to the plan we have for our life, with alignment to our purpose, our WHY and with clarity around the vision we have for us.  We also have a tribe of people who will encourage, support and challenge us to grow and embrace new versions as their time comes.

The new versions will show up in different time frames, sometimes without notice but always with new possibilities.

Can you be proactive and order a new version?  Absolutely!

My LIFE by DESIGN Programs show you how to upgrade your software in a way that enables you to step up into your potential, to play your biggest game and to live the life you aspire to.  The results these insights deliver are life changing – some of our designers have leapt from V50 to V100 in just one weekend!

What version are you running on?  If you’re stuck, disillusioned, or simply getting what you have always got – then you need to upgrade!  Now!

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