Part 4 of the Blog Series – “Money is an Inside Job”

Who is influencing you the most, at the moment, with respect to your relationships with money?

Is it Billy who believes celery will work for you, or Lilly who thinks cream, or Betty, who advocates jam?  These three people appear to be doing well financially, so you go shopping and you buy some of each – celery, cream and jam. What you get is a total mismatch.  This combination of ingredients might work if you were the perfect amalgamation of these three people – but you cannot possibly be.  Off the shelf blue prints might seem the easy way out – but not so – you must do your own work, design your own blue prints.

Your blue prints are unique to you – because you are unique.  Before you change your blue print, before you buy celery – you must do the work to unbundle what you have.  You must assess your belief structures.  Are your blue prints fit for the purpose of enabling you to live into your potential – to be on purpose – to progress your WHY.

Whose spell are you under?  Which of the 3 of you is in charge?  Heart, Intellect or Ego?  How is it that working for you right now?

3 second rule – Does it pass the test?

Having upgraded your blue print and put your heart back in charge – how do you make sure that you follow through?  How do you anchor this new version of you?  How do you stop yourself from defaulting to the old version?

This is a lifetime practice – it is a never ending loop of KNOWING, AWARENESS, INFLUENCE.

  1. Knowledge is power – knowing and owning aKnowing Influence Awarness Graphic blue print that serves you and which spawns decisions and behaviours conducive to living your extraordinary life.
  2. Being aware moment to moment if your decisions and behaviours are as they ought to be.
  3. And if not, being able to influence yourself to stay with the new version – to get back on track.

Old blue prints are like old habits – it takes time to install them – it takes time for them to become embedded in your psyche – to become an unconscious way of being.

In the meantime, you must practice the loop.

Try this wonderful tool I call The 3 Second Rule.  When making a decision – pause for 3 seconds and ask yourself – does this decision align with my new empowering blue print and what does my heart say?  If the answer is YES, then and only then, do you press go.  Otherwise you must go back to the drawing board.  3 seconds!  Very simple and very effective.

Let me wrap up with some questions.

How are you feeling – is your energy conducive to stepping up into your true potential enabled by a new blue print?  Do you have some work to do?

Have you unbundled your blue print about money – I mean really unbundled it?  Have you examined how you relate to what money enables – is this a limiter for you?

Do you know which of the 3 of you is leading the way?  Do you know who is influencing you in the money space?  Have you bought celery?

How is that working for you?

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December 23, 2015

Hi Judy, WOW!! I love this series, it is a new concept I haven't heard before. Thank you so much for sharing.
Hope you are well and wish you a very merry Christmas!! Xxx