Part 3 of a 4 Part Series on “Money is an Inside Job”.

It gets even more complex than blue prints and mind viruses, of high energy and awareness…

Our capacity to earn and accumulate wealth has everything to do with our relationships with money.  Yes that is relationships plural.

I contend that we have at least 3 relationships with money – 3 conversations about money going on – internal dialogue that sometimes feels like a battle of the wills – the 3 wills.

Ego, Intellect, Heart Revised Image

Between the 3 of us – Heart, Intellect and Ego.

Each has a different relationship with money, a different agenda.  Let’s take a look.

HEART – your heart believes in you, it is emotionally attached with your purpose.  Your heart wants you to live the life you aspire to – your heart owns the blue prints that serve you – it is your truth.

INTELLECT – this is our rational, logical self – it analyses your decision with reference to past patterns and basic needs. It errs on the conservative.  “Don’t spend what you don’t have.”

EGO – Ego demands that you don’t get too big for your britches.  It urges you to stay with what you know.  Don’t break the pattern.  Even though it may not be comfortable – discomfort can be more bearable than the unknown.  If you try to play a bigger game – you might fail – and that’s not a good look!  Your ego will endeavour to protect you and at the same time limit your potential.  EGO is risk adverse.

So not only are you dealing with blue prints that contradict your potential and mind viruses that limit you – you’re leading this team of 3 who appear to have 3 completely different agendas.  It’s can be a jungle in there!

Here is an example.  A business client (Jenny) has agreed to a strategic plan to generate this many $ in sales, and this much profit and she has agreed to do the activities that will drive this growth.  She knows how many phone calls are needed to have the number of meetings to convert this many sales.  The numbers are bigger than last year and Jenny agrees it is possible.  Yet 3 months down the track she is not doing the activities, she is not making the calls.

Why is that?  Her heart is enrolled – this profit will enable her to live the life she aspires to – and that excites her. Her intellect has done its due diligence – yes the formulae works – the numbers are possible – it all adds up.  So is it EGO that has sabotaged this plan?  Has ego stepped in and put the brakes on – manipulated the mind – posed as the heart – conspired to make sure Jenny did not make the calls. Jenny could look bad – she has never achieved this level of success before.  She can’t possibly own a business doing numbers like that – what was she thinking?  Ego will have a host of excuses, it will point to the blame finger and gather the evidence to support her inaction.

Jenny’s power is in her awareness of what is taking place.  She is aware that she must allow her heart to lead the way – to have its say – to remind her WHY – to call her out when she chooses to allow EGO to rule the roost.  The power is knowing that she can influence these 3 because she has done the work around blue prints and mind viruses.

Can you think of a time when you have done less than what was needed for you to step it up a notch?  Why was that?

Think about the last decision you made around money and ask yourself – which one of the 3 of you made that decision?

Beware the ego – the chameleon who dresses up as the heart and says – It’s OK to take a day off, to not make the calls, to cancel meetings, to spend your money earmarked for savings on that dress, that new toy, you can catch up next week.

Both the intellect and the ego can draw you back to old blue prints!  Be aware.


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