Part 2 of a 4 Part Series on “Money is an Inside Job”

Blueprints form our internal culture.  Let’s consider a business perspective.  In business we design cultures conducive to the growth and success of that business.  We build cultures that encourage the behaviours we need to play out in order to achieve the vision we have for our business.  It is no different for the individual.

We all have blue prints, beliefs and relationships around various life concepts.  There are blue prints around love, health, parenting, friendship, politics, education and so on.

And we all have a blue print around money.

Our blue print around money and our entitlement to it, our worthiness to accumulate it, and our ability to earn it, has landed and settled within us, as a result of our life experiences and the life experiences of those who have influenced us.  We have consciously and unconsciously taken part in the intergenerational transfer of the beliefs and the blue prints from our forefathers and foremothers.  Our blue print has been influenced by our peers, teachers, elders, employers, by celebrities, siblings and our partners.  Seldom do we stop to consider how relevant these blue prints are to who we are today and who we plan to be – whether they actually serve us or whether they are actually limiting us.

What if we unbundled our blue print around money – what would we find?  How do we relate to earning, spending, saving, giving, contributing, borrowing, and receiving a gift of money?

When you delve down into your blue prints you may notice who you adopted a particular belief from.  “Oh yes that belief came from Mum and Grandfather gets the guernsey for that one.”

And then there are the mind viruses – those beliefs we have adopted that do not serve us and limit us by creating a false sense of non-entitlement and unworthiness.

Is your blue print around earning money serving you?  Or is it someone else’s story – someone with a different set of life experiences, different core geniuses, different values, from a different environment?  Is this blue print capping your potential?

Let me tell you about Mary Smith.  I interviewed Mary for a job – she had applied not because she wanted the job but because she wanted to keep receiving her unemployment benefit.  Mary didn’t get the job but I did invite her into my LIFE by DESIGN Program.  I now know her journey intimately.  Mary was a 3rd generation in her words dole bludger, in mine, an extraordinary woman.  The Smiths, for at least 3 generations, have been dependant on government support and handouts – they believe that they are entitled to it – education is not high on their list of priorities.  They live where they can afford to live – amongst others with similar circumstances.  They believe they have no choice – it is all they know – it’s in their DNA – and look around, they are not the only ones.  Mary inherited this blue print around money and she lived with it for 30 years.  And then, Mary chose to do the work and she chose to change her blue print – she decided she wanted to break the pattern for the benefit of the future generations of the Smith family – she believed that this was her reason for being on this earth for this time – she was sure of it. Mary was a single mother of 3 when her epiphany landed – and she is proof that you can change your blue print, especially when you are emotionally invested in the reason to do so.  She desperately wanted her children to make better choices and have better lives.  There was turmoil, push back from family and friends, and a huge fear of failure – she faced all these challenges knowing that this was her calling.  Mary studied and started a business – she is the first person to take on tertiary education and the first person in 3 generations who has owned a business.  It has been by no means easy, but she tells me it’s worth it.  There have been highs and lows – when things didn’t go to plan Mary saw this as confirmation that she was just kidding herself.  When she found herself face down in the arena – her first reaction was that of being a failure – not cut out for this world.

Mary had to deal, not only with the challenge of living into her new blue print around money, but she also had to be aware of the power of her blue print around her entitlement to what the money enabled.  No one in the Smith family had their own home, no one saved money, and no one donated money.

This enablement piece could be a limiter or an expander.

Now this is important!  Here is another layer that can do you in.  A limiting relationship with money may be further complicated by the relationship we have with our entitlement to what money enables.

Did you get that – this is a multi-layered story.  There is a blue print around money and there is also a blue print around what that money enables.

Let’s go back to Mary’s case.  When Mary was in a position to buy a home her resolve to stay with her new blue print was shattered.  She now had to deal with her feelings of not being entitled to have a home, in a suburb on the other side of the tracks.  It was not about earning money anymore but more about what that money enabled – AND it totally impacted on the earning of the money.  If she wasn’t entitled to the house then that must mean that there is no point in earning more money.  This is a really big distinction and one which is the cause of many a blocked business plan – of being stuck and not knowing why.  It was a big learning for me and it comes up again and again.

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Dean Boyle

December 9, 2015

Hi Judy, I love reading your blogs and this one in particular is very powerful for me. I look forward to part 3...cheers Dean


    Judy Reynolds

    December 14, 2015

    Hello Dean, thank you so much for your comment! It’s great to hear they are resonating with you. The next blog in this series will be out on Tuesday, so make sure you keep an eye out!