Part 1 of a 4 Part Series “Money is an Inside Job”

Oh my – what an extraordinary day!  I woke and welcomed my 21,500th odd morning – yes my heart was beating! Can you feel your heart beating?  Not your pulse but your heart itself.  This heightened physical sense of awareness brings with it new clarity and it can be increased through practice.  Go for a run and get your heart beat up so you can feel it beating – then sit with it – and notice how long it takes before you can no longer feel the beat, as you become more and more relaxed.  This awareness of self in a physical sense is very powerful.  I challenge you today to be more acutely aware of your heart beat.

Ok so back to this morning – I woke and felt my heart beating – this focus brings me to the heart of my matter – it causes me to reflect on my WHY – the reason I am here on this earth for this time.  You see, reflecting on my WHY first up, sets the context for the day.  It reminds me why it is I do what I do and brings with it true meaning.  It resets my blue prints and makes sure that the latest version of me shows up.  I have a job to do – I am here to raise the energy of the world by re-igniting passion for life and living – through growth and giving – to create momentum, to start a movement.

Now, I could grab my phone (out of the little phone pocket in my bottom sheet – have you seen these sheets!), scan Social Media (and notice how much fun everyone else is having), check my emails (holy crap there are thousands of them!), and fly out of bed, mind racing with all I have to do today, and worrying about how on earth I might do it.  I could submit to panic and stress.

Or, I could put the doing in context.  Knowing that the doing is enabling my WHY.  Very powerful.  Start the day with your why – it shifts your energy – you will become way more intentional.

Yes, my WHY is to lift the energy of the world – because I can!  And because it pays to do so – you will always make better choices from a high energy space than from a low energy mindset.  As your energy increases – just maybe you will begin to see more for yourself than you have ever seen before.  When your energy is high you are more likely to see opportunities for upside rather than lost causes.

I believe that we each have everything we need to play our bigger game.  However, too often, I find that we haven’t taken the time to discover what that bigger game is.  Or if we have, we may not believe that we’re entitled to, or worthy of, playing that game.  And this includes our financial game.

Do you agree that you’re more likely to own and play a bigger game if your energy and passion is high?  Rate your energy level – write down a number between 1 and 10 – 1 abysmal & 10 awesome.  Use this rating as a point of reference as you progress through the day.  Be mindful of your energy and reset if needed.  At the end of the day rate yourself again.  Look for trends – get to know your daily energy patterns so that you can pre-empt lows and do what you need to do to lift it up.

Do you have an inkling that you have an even bigger game to play – financial or otherwise?  Do you know what that game is?  Have you told anyone?  Do you believe that you are entitled to play this game?  Are you ready to play? Reflect on these questions.  Don’t hold back.

So let me summarise – how should you be in order to play a bigger money game and get the most out of this series of blogs?

  1. Be acutely aware of your emotions;
  2. Make it all about you;
  3. Connect with your heart – notice your heart beat;
  4. Don’t hold back; and
  5. Keep your energy up.


As you read this series of 4 blogs, don’t be tempted to apply what you’re reading to someone else – your friend, co-worker, or partner.  This sense of awareness of self is a critical part of the process.  Let it be all about you.

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